culturing problems

A.F. Simpson AFS7 at
Wed Oct 6 17:01:40 EST 1999

Elizabeth Aluck wrote:
> I work for a biotech company that cultures hybridoma cells for the
> production of monoclonal antibodies.  We recently built a new cell culture
> laboratory and I have been having an unusually high number of culture
> problems.  About 15 different cell lines which I have successfully grown in
> other labs are not growing in this new lab.  I have eliminated obvious
> problems, such as media, CO2%, and temp.

Perhap you could be a bit more specific about exactly what kind of
problems you are having.  E.g, are the cells not reviving properly in
the first place, are they growing for a while then dying or dying as
soon as they are split, are they becoming contaminated, are some lines
growing but some not?  Also, what other features have changed with the
new lab - have you equipped the lab with the same types of incubators
etc as the old lab, are you using the same plastics and so on.  How have
you checked and eliminated the possibilities you mentioned?

> Sincerely,
> Elizabeth Aluck


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