coimmunostaining of O1/O4 with MAG antibody

Stephane Genoud stephane.genoud at
Tue Oct 12 09:28:41 EST 1999


Does anybody know how I could do a coimmunostaining on cryosections with 2
antibodies which don't have the same conditions: that is, we don't have to
use any  detergent for the O1/O4 antibody but we have to for the MAG
antibody. The idea would be  to do first the O1/O4 staining, fix then the
reaction with something strong ( WHAT FOR  EXAMPLE?) and then continue with
the MAG staining.
So, has someone already try to do that and if yes what strong fixative
could we use to fix  the O1/O4 reaction before continuing with the MAG

Any suggestions will be very appreciated,

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