Why luciferase but not beta-gal or CAT?

Annette C. Hollmann ah690549 at bcm.tmc.edu
Wed Oct 20 12:55:23 EST 1999

In article <380E0089.28B8 at netcomuk.co.uk> beckwith at netcomuk.co.uk writes:
>Annette C. Hollmann wrote:
>> In article <199910201214.FAA28419 at net.bio.net> tony_shen at 263.net writes:
>> >I wonder why researchers use luciferase but not beta-gal or CAT
>> >for reporter assay nowadays.
>> >Is it because it is more sensitive or accurate?
>> >
>> It is more sensitive, it has a wider linear range, and it's faster to do.
>> Annette
>What about a 20min CAT assay?? Lose slightly on sensitivity, but it is

Luciferase is just as fast or faster:
15 min to prepare lysate, hands-on time maybe 2 minutes
Then add substrate and measure in a luminometer.

CAT assay:
prepare lysate
add substrate
spot onto TLC plates, run TLC
phosphor-scan TLC plates.

I'd rather do the luciferase assay.


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