digital video camera for Macintosh?

Brendan Smith necrotic at
Fri Oct 22 11:39:02 EST 1999

I would highly suggest taking a look at the SPOT-RT by Diagnostic
Instruments.  This is a Peltier cooled digital camera that takes 12 frames
per second at a resoultion of 1315 x 1033.  It has 12 bit grey scale and
36 bit RGB color.  This adds up to unbelieveably stunning images.  All
image capture can be performed through an Adobe Photoshop plug-in so it
works fine with Macs.  

I think it is exactly what you are looking for.

Take a look at


In article <380E5709.76C464F7 at>, nobody at wrote:

> Does anybody know whether there is one of these new "digital video
> cameras" out there that works with Macintosh computers?
> I need it for microscopy. Digital video cameras are supposed to provide
> real-time images as well as high resolution still pictures but most seem
> to work only with Windows-based computers.
> Any advice is greatly appreciated.
> Thomas

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