well, since we're talking reporters...

Don Gaart gaart at orc.ru
Fri Oct 22 13:10:51 EST 1999

I need a fluorescent reporter, coupled to p53-responcible promoter. I
need it in the nucleus, since I want to try microinjecting cytoplasmic
proteins (cytoskeleton regulation stuff). Please bear with me, as I'm a
beginner at MolBiol, I'm more into cell stuff... Ideally, the reporter
has to be compatible with common fixations (methanol/acetone and
paraformaldehyde). My problem is, that I need to see individual cells,
after microinjecting. Would luciferase help me (I know about luminometer
and stuff, but can it be used my way?) or should I try GFP? Like, tag it
with and an NLS, put the promoter upstream  and be happy? Thank you.


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