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 I know that you have encountered ads claiming, "We can get you new credit."  Excitedly, you inquire about such an offer and then, to your disappointment, the information costs a fortune.  If you are having a difficult time receiving credit I can give you advice that has worked for me. If your credit rating is poor, various retailers or car dealerships treat you as though you are a second-class citizen while thinking to themselves, "Oh well, your problem." If you are sick and tired of the unfair treatment caused by past financial hardship, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Allow me to assist you in your rewarding journey back on the right track.  We are not a large, money-hungry corporation with an exorbitant overhead, we simply want to offer you some guidance in helping you with your credit at an affordable price.  I can recall a time in my life when it was impossible for me to merely open a checking account due to ChexSystems, and I owed a lot on child support.  I wa!
s much younger and made mistakes that wreaked havoc on my credit rating and I just assumed that there was nothing that I could be done to reestablish it.  Eventually, I did much research as in calling different agencies and attained good knowledge and also purchased many credit self help booklets.  So now, with my newly acquired extensive knowledge, I can help you at a fraction of the cost that some other companies charge, some up to $70.00.  I have created a very straightforward and informative package to help you in trying to reestablish or build some credit.  
     When you order we can either send a copy to your e-mail or we can snail mail you a hard copy.  We offer no promises, only what has worked for me, and I had some real bad credit and today I am currantly in escrow on buying a home, and have a new car...No lie.  The cost of this package is $10.00 - you may pay by personal check, cashiers check, or money order:  Send payment to:  Cybernet Enterprise, PO Box 2122, Turlock, CA  95381-2122.  If you order within 5 days, we will include a free gift.  All orders will be sent soon after we receive payment. (Checks require time to clear.) 

My business partner even files bankruptcy 2 years ago and was also on checks systems, and now he has a checking account and a bank Visa.  I am not just blowing a lot of hot air, nor making any promises, I am just going to help you with what I know as a fact has helped us, and I think it is crazy that people are charging a lot more for this information.  We do not want to become millionaires on the Internet by offering this $10.00 product, we just want to help you as we helped ourselves.  I wish you all the luck

Again to order send $10.00 to:   Cybernet Enterprise***P.OBox 2122***Turlock***CA***95381-2122.

Just print this out and if you order within 5 days we will send you a free gift.

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