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Wed Sep 1 22:34:42 EST 1999

Flower Express Promotion
Can you remember someone who is deserving flowers?
¬K®¨®¨  ±¡¤Á¤Á  ºÑ¶³¦@¤ô¤Ñ¤@¦â  ªá¬õ³Äºñ¤ôªø¬y

Flowers Express - Worldwideee
We send To Any Place  Any Country 
                                   Hotline : 852-26948792   

 Pearli Shop:Phone:852-26948792  Email:jackie at pearli.com.hk
Free Delivery To Any Place§K¶O°e¶U¦Ü¥ô¦ó¦a°Ï                Price 1 Price 2 Price 3	
Anniversary   	¶g¦~¬ö©À	ÂAªá,ªáÄx,§«~	HK$300	HK$500	HK$800	
Birthday	¼y¯¬¥Í¤é	ÂAªá,ªáºÊ,§«~	HK$250	HK$400	HK$600	
Business	¶}±i¼y¶P	ªáÄx      	HK$300	HK$500	HK$700	
Friendship	ºûô¤Í½Ë	ÂAªá,ªáÄx,§«~	HK$300	HK$500	HK$800	
Get Well	¨­Åé±d´_	ÂAªá,ªáÄx,§«~   HK$250  HK$400HK$700	
Love	ªí¹F·R·N	ÂAªá,ªáÄx,§«~	               HK$350HK$500HK$600	
Funeral	³à§	ªáµP                                         HK$300	HK$500	HK$800	
Special Occasion¯S§O¤é¤l	ÂAªá,ªáÄx,§«~	HK$350	HK$500	HK$800	
Thank You·P®¦	ÂAªá,ªáÄx,§«~	                               HK$300 HK$500HK800	
Weddingªá¤ë¨Î´ÁPackage	                         HK$700  HK$1000 HK$1500	

Payment 1.Paid by cash or transfer through the bank ; or by cheque	

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