{{{Brand New}}} You will be paid USD$1.00 per hour simply to surf! FREE!

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Thu Sep 2 12:06:28 EST 1999

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Dear Friend,

I am writing this email to you to  tell you about a new Internet
Service that  will  pay  you upto $1.00  per  hour  to  surf  the  Net
with  their revolutionary   new  minibrowser  called   pIggy!

pIggy!  works ontop  of your current  browser, so there are  no  heavy
downloads  or  changes  you have to make. You dont have to visit any
special sites or read  any  special  emails.  Just become a  member,
and  continue  surfing  the  way  you normally did.  Membership is
FREE and takes only a few minutes.

How does it work ? Well pIggy! displays  mini-ads on the top right
corner  of  your  current unused space in your browser  for  which
you  are paid. Since ValuePay gets $$ for showing you these  ads they
split this  income  with  you  on  an  equal 50-50  basis. pIggy! is
even intelligent  and  is capable  of  showing  you  only  the ads
you are interested in!

Whats even better, is that for  every  person you tell about this
offer and who joins, you  will be paid an additional  $.10  for  every
dollar that they earn!   Further, if  the  person  you  tell, tells
someone else,  then  you  will  be  paid an indirect referral  fee  of
$.05 per  dollar  that they  earn ...  and  so  on  upto  5 levels.
This way  your  earnings  can  multiply exponentially!

Use the online calculator to see how you can easily earn USD1,000+
every month!

Click the link below and sign up:-


Thank you.

Your Sincerely

This is one time message only. I sincerely apologize to you if you
find this msg annoying as I need fund for my education desparately and
hope these help. There is another similar program that will pay you
USD$0.10/hr to your referrals (great for biz builder) email me at
mneygal628 at hotmail.com if you interested.

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