Endothelial cells: Stress analisys

Cyril Guey cguey at mcn.mc
Sat Sep 4 09:19:40 EST 1999

Hello Roberto

I'm Cyril Guey MD,PhD , we have a start-up located in Monaco, dedicated to
cell's culture and tissue, and I'm especially interrested by the physiology
of cardiac cell's and I've develloped an original method to cultivate
cardiomyocites and obtain viable cardiac tissue.

If you are interresting to join us in our research, we could open to you our
lab and share our experiences.


Roberto Disaro a écrit :

> Hello!
>         I'm a student of biomedical engineering and I am making my degree
> dissertation on the behaviour of a culture of endothelial cells that
> undergoes cyclical homogeneus stress  conditions (biaxial stress and
> shear stress).
> So I have to find out a device that permit to create this conditions and
> to observe what is happening on the substrate.
> If you know researches, bibliography, work groups or whatever
> information that are concerned with this topic, please let me know.
> Many thanks for your help
> Roberto Disaro'

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