Santiago Parpal Tamburini sanpa at mcb.liu.se
Tue Sep 7 08:59:01 EST 1999

Hi all,
I am stablishing  a protocol for study of some phosphorylated proteins
and have to use Orthovanadate to inhibit phosphatases. I know one should
boil the dilution when preparing it, and adjust the pH to approx. 10. As
I understood this is little tricky procedure.My questions are:
1. My final concentration should be 2mM, so I want to do a stock
solution of 2 M. Is that any problem? (In some Methods of Enz. I found
that the stock solution should be 1mM, but that's to low for me).
2. Should the pH be exactly 10, and if so, should it get yellowish as it
is happening for me?
Thank you for all comments.


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