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Tue Sep 7 21:00:10 EST 1999

 Dear Friend,

 Did you know that there's a new National Debit Card that's launching this month?

It will compete with VISA, MasterCard, Discover and the other cards for merchant accounts, and it will beat them all hands  down!

 This new merchant account/debit card will "pour across" America like WATER once people begin to hear about all the fantastic advantages of having one!

 Merchants will save thousands of dollars a year just in merchant account fees by accepting this card! And it offers features never before available to merchants:

 1) A $5,000 product purchase protection guarantee! That's Right! Merchants are guaranteed payment for services even if the customer's card comes back
 "insufficient funds"! VISA/MasterCard can't match that kind of protection!

 2) A tiny .26 cent per transaction fee no matter what the size of the transaction!

 Best of all, you don't have to be a merchant or have a product to get this card, and everyone qualifies! No one is turned down, period! The card also has a very lucrative pay plan associated with it. I'll tell you ALL about it!

 Don't waste another minute. Get back to me immediately on this incredible opportunity! I am already filling positions for my front line!!

mailto:mymail1949 at

 Pre-launch Enrollment is free!

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