Endothelial cells: Stress analisys

Carsten Luebke carsten.luebke at charite.de
Wed Sep 8 02:11:35 EST 1999

Hallo Roberto,
have a look at http://www.cell-lining.de/indexen.htm .

Cell-Lining is engaged in the development of endothelialized PTFE bypass
grafts using autologous microvascular endothelial cells (MVEC) cultured
under defined flow conditions.
Click on -Endothelialized Vascular Grafts- for details.

Cell-Lining provides a series of products and services in the field of cell
culture systems and  tissue engineering. Besides various primary cell
cultures, we offer the perfusion culture system PCS3c for high quality cell
and tissue culture. That combines the ability to observe cultures
microscopically with the optimal nutrition of  artificial (3D) tissue
cultures and interactive cell cultures, respectively. Using standardised
cell or tissue supports (25 mm Ø), the chamber will be separated into two
compartments allowing the application of two different media at either side
of the support. The built-in air bubble trap avoids poor nutrition of the
culture during long term perfusion.

Yours sincerely

Dr. Carsten Luebke

info at cell-lining.de

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