Bilirubin analysis

Ken Hoekstra hoekstra at
Wed Sep 8 17:02:21 EST 1999

Some time ago I posted a note on how to analyze tissue homogenates for
bilirubin. Now has come the time to do this task and I am no further ahead
in analysis techniques. 

Does anyone have any ideas (procedures, etc.) for bilirubin analysis from
tissue homogenates? Commerically available test kits/procedures deal with
serum analysis of bilirubin. As was previously suggested to me: if I could
"clean up" the homogenate a little (get rid of the interferring proteins,
etc...) I may be able to use the serum method. Does anyone have any
suggestions on how to best do this? Precipitate the protein using TCA
perhaps? Would this get rid of my bilirubin thought?

Im stumped.

Thanks for your help.

University of British Columbia


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