Your likely to be poisoning yourself and not even know it. Disturbing truth.

eric errock at
Wed Sep 8 17:37:43 EST 1999

Most American are have been ingesting high amounts of a toxic waste our
government has been intentionally feeding us since birth.  Sound like some
crazy conspiracy theory? I only wish that were true.  Perhaps it is because
it is so hard to believe that this could happen that allowed it to happen
for so long.

This poison is responsible for abnormal bone growth, decreased life span and
IQ among many other things.  It has been proven to destroy brain cells
critical to decision making processes. Some say that this poison was used by
nazis in concentration camps to make prisoners weak and obedient.  It has
been used by farmers for keeping bulls docile.

What I am talking about shockingly enough is the same chemical your dentist
trying to get into your kids mouth.  Fluoride.  We have long been taught
that fluoride was an harmless substance that made our teeth stronger.  But
the data and research done to support this argument is deceptive. Brita
Filters do NOT remove fluoride.

Here are just a small amount of the vast research to support this argument.

(I had a really good link with lots of real experiments but I lost it.
Try doing your own research [I like metacrawler]. You'll find a few weak
pro-fluoride arguments with no respectable data and plenty of anti-fluoride

Maximum allowed contaminate levels in US

fluoride is killing our fish in this one

here one on chlorine (fortunately filters take this stuff out)

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