Money Matters

Wed Sep 8 22:28:24 EST 1999

About this opportunity
It is not MLM
It is not based on the web
It is not for the unmotivated
It is not for the recluse
It is not for the lazy
It is not a get rich quick scam

It is for the person who wants to become wealthy in
a reasonable period.

To find out more call toll free

1-800-365-7550 ext, 86491

Ask for the free information to be sent to you so
you can judge it for yourself in the privacy and
comfort of your own home. I am sure that you will be
impressed with the potiential of this program.

This is NOT SPAM! Your address is on our in-house
mailing list because you have 
either contacted us in the past or because you
belong to one of the many E-Zines 
or safe lists of which we are also members. 

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