The Ultimate Money-Making CD

Sat Sep 18 18:18:23 EST 1999

The Ultimate Money-Making CD-ROM
Produce classy-looking, easy-to-sell
info-software with just a click using our

The markup on these items is so
intense that soon you’ll be basking
on a beach at the Riviera!

Imagine a business requiring no inventory and next to no 
investment.  Whenever you get an order, you simply insert the raw 
materials into a 
magic box.  Moments later, out comes the finished 
product—something people find fun to use, attractive, interesting 
and valuable. Your 
customer is delighted, and you couldn’t be happier too, because 
you have just transformed 50 cents or so into $39, $49 or ...?

The InfoBroker CD represents a breakthrough in information 
publishing and money-making potential. The old way to build a 
Mail Order 
business was to sell printed reports.  Then there were Report 
CD-ROMs where you could sell reports in printed or electronic 
Now we’ve 
combined the kind of information people want to buy with the 
excitement of fun, easy-to-use, royalty free software.  The 
perceived value, the 
appeal and thus the profit potential are unparalleled!
The new InfoBroker CD gives you the ability to produce five 
separate software products, each beautiful to look at, packed 
with stimulating, 
practical information people will pay for, and a cinch for you to 
create and for your buyers to use.  It’s also an unrivaled 
opportunity both for you and for your customers, because anyone 
you sell them to also receives the rights to reproduce and market 
This revolutionary money-maker is red-hot!
The software products you’ll sell far surpass anything yet seen 
in the information industry. They offer a whiz-bang, interactive 
experience that’s nothing like the very same content presented on 
paper, in a simple computer file, or on the World Wide Web.  When 
can actually have fun reading reports, it’s a product at a 
different level!
Exclusive Master Control Panel
Perhaps the best feature of the InfoBroker CD is the easy-to-use 
Master Control Panel which allows you to view, install and copy 
to disk all 
five of the software programs right from the CD!  You can also 
view the included sales tools (web pages, graphics, letters, ads, 
presentation) right from the CD.  We know what our resellers and 
customers want—a simple user-interface with access to everything 
was promised .  They do not want a CD that just contains a bunch 
of files and folders.

The money-making potential is breathtaking!
You can copy each of the five programs to blank disks costing 
around .50 cents each, and then resell them for $39 to $59 or... 
In case you 
don’t have your calculator handy, the markup means that when you 
sell just 100 software products—and remember, some customers will 
all five at once—you will have turned about $50 into at least 
$3,900.  When you sell 500 software products, you will have 
turned $250 into 
$19,500 or more. I wasn’t kidding when I said this kind of magic 
could send you to the Riviera in the near future!

And as if that’s not enough, there’s one more thing you receive 
with your money-making 5-in-1 InfoBroker CD:  the ability to give 
customers full reproduction and resale rights! That’s 
right—although the five info-software programs are valuable 
enough in their own right, you 
also have the right to offer buyers the ability to duplicate the 
programs (not the CD) they buy on their home computer and resell 

And now let’s talk about the five exclusive software products 
you’ll be producing with a mouse click from the InfoBroker CD.
 #1:  Creating Profitable Classified Ads
Whether it’s people itching to sell their car or make a mint in 
Mail Order, vast numbers of people place classified ads.  Perhaps 
two percent 
of these ads pay off.  This software product teaches the 
fundamental principles of writing a classified ad that sells—and 
doing it in a cost-
effective 10 to 15 words.  (You’ll want to study and learn from 
this program yourself for your info-business!)
 #2:  Create, Publish and Profit from Information Mail Order
You undoubtedly already understand that selling information is 
the most lucrative and easiest to start kind of Mail Order 
business that exists.  
But countless would-be entrepreneurs will welcome this program, 
which explains the key ingredients necessary to get rich selling 
It discusses what makes a profitable idea, how to find 
re-sellable information (sometimes for free!), the formats that 
are most appealing for 
dealers and customers, how to test market, and more—all in a 
nifty, fun interface buyers love.
  #3:  Building an MLM Empire Using the Internet
Although you may not yourself be involved in network marketing, 
millions are drawn to this appealing yet often misunderstood 
method of 
making money.  This program makes a powerful case for the 
Internet being the missing factor that transforms a good idea 
into an explosive 
money machine.  It explains in detail four Information Age tools 
that spell lightning success at low cost—bulk e-mailing, e-mail 
on demand, a 
home page on the World Wide Web and self-replicating Web sites.  
Rare indeed is the MLM enthusiast who’s fully exploiting all 
these tools, 
which means this field is wide open for you to sell to!
 #4:  InfoBIZ-on-disk:  101 Business & How-to Reports
This program is a complete business startup guide on one disk.  
Buyers get more than 100 sets of tips, advice and insider 
information, on 
starting home-based businesses as diverse as catering, mobile 
tuneups, sports memorabilia, delivery service and pet sitting, 
along with 
pointers on such practical topics as raising money for a 
business, avoiding arrest, organizing one’s time and developing a 
winning attitude
The InfoBIZ-on-disk practically sells itself!
 #5:  Consumer Defender & Awareness Reports
Who doesn’t wish to save money on daily items, keep their family 
safe from crime and stay out of the doctor’s office?  This 
program offers 
hard-to-find information on 20 topics that mean greater home and 
personal safety, improved financial health, better physical 
health and more. 
Buyers appreciate the handsome appearance of this program and the 
ability to print out individual reports for easy reference.
Earn Serious Profits Marketing Entire InfoBroker CDs!
You will be able to purchase future InfoBroker CDs at wholesale 
and then resell them for $129 or more! You can earn an excellent 
marketing the five programs, and then make even more money 
selling entire CD-ROMs!  (Contact us for pricing.)

We’ve Made it Super-Easy for you to Market the CD-ROMs!
Everything is self-contained on the CD-ROM so there is no need to 
include any expensive printed materials or disks with your 
orders.  All of 
the important information you want to provide to your customers, 
such as instructions, license information, sales materials 
(including web 
pages & multimedia sales software) are all easily accessible and 
right on the CD.

Sales & Marketing Materials Built-In!
Included on the InfoBroker CD are exciting sales materials you 
can use to convince people to buy these software products now.

include various ads, sales letters, graphics, seven 
professionally designed Web pages and a full-blown multimedia 

Generic Software Means More Sales For You!
Ask any successful marketer and they will tell you that in order 
to succeed, you have to market a product that is generic and does 
contain any advertising or contact information for the source 
company.  If it does, your customers won’t need to purchase from 
you anymore, 
they will go directly to the source.

The InfoBroker CD is designed generically so that you appear as 
the source.  We do NOT have any 
advertising, upsells, or contact information on the CD or the 
five software programs.

Exclusive Bonus Items
1.  A Multimedia Sales Presentation!
Included on the CD is sales presentation software program you can 
use to sell the five software products as well as the entire 
Because this sales presentation looks like it cost thousands to 
produce, and gives a taste of the products’ remarkable contents, 
it helps drive 
home the value of these info-software products—and effortlessly 
boosts your sales!

2. A Disk Copy Program!
Easily accessible from the Master Control Panel is a program that 
with just a click of your mouse will copy the five info-software 
and your multimedia presentation to blank 3.5” disks.
Remember, everything that makes this product appealing to you 
also makes it appealing to your buyers, who will be just as eager 
as you to 
buy and make money with this powerful, all-inclusive 
info-software.  Every feature that impresses you translates into 
moneymaking potential!

And get a load of our money-back guarantee!
Your purchase is no-risk as well.  After you receive the 
InfoBroker CD and insert it into your CD-ROM drive (no 
installation necessary!), you’ll 
have 30 days to examine it and make sure it’s everything we said 
it was.  If you aren’t completely convinced that this has the 
hottest money-
making potential of any information product on the market, you 
may return it within the 30 days for a refund.  What could be 

As you can well understand, a product this revolutionary will be 
in very high demand.  Act today to grab your opportunity to be 
sitting on 
some Riviera beach sipping your favorite drink instead of slaving 
away at a job you hate. With our money-back guarantee, you have 
nothing to 
lose and a world of profits to gain!

There is no other money-making CD-ROM like this available 
anywhere at any price.  So the sooner you get your 5-in-1 
InfoBroker CD, the 
sooner you can be dazzling customers and enjoying the look of 
your new bank balance.  Order yours today!

Don’t Delay, Order Today For Only $129
Your Software Will Include:
? A professional and easy-to-use Master Control Panel!
? The rights to create and reproduce five info-software programs!
? The right to sell and transfer your rights to the five 
? The ability to automatically copy the programs to disks!
? Sales & marketing tools!
? And much more!

Windows 95/98 * CD-ROM drive * 3.5” disk drive * Color monitor * 
8 MB RAM * 9 MB hard disk space (if you install the software)

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