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Tue Sep 21 08:48:10 EST 1999

well, let us assume this is a basic generic intracellular protein with
nothing attached (a naked polypeptide).  Before, I posted my question, I
thought of using Richard's method but then I thought:
1) why should I use the average aa weight - do most proteins have a somewhat
even distribution of light and heavy aa?
2) what if this protein were made of nothing but gly (besides the beginning
met).  That could change the calculation
3)what if the protein were made of nothing but a heavy aa like trp?  I used
this method because since I want the *minimum* dna size, then why not assume
it is some weird protein with massive aa.
However, I am not sure if this is the correct approach to take.  Should I
use method #1 (Richard's) or #3?

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> On Tue, 21 Sep 1999, Richard P. Grant wrote:
> > >I know the size of the protein in daltons only not aa length.
> > Divide by 110 to get a good approximation of the aa length (average
> > acyl is ~ 110 Da).
> That depends a little. How did you determine the molecular weight ? By gel
> and with a standard next to it ? If so, this kind of estimate may be
> tricky. For instance His rich proteins migrate much slower than other
> proteins. And if the protein is glycosylated or has some other groups
> attached...
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