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<FONT size=3> Hello, <BR>
 We work with a group of your local doctors and dentists and are <BR>
 offering a Dental - Optical Plan that runs approximately $3 a week <BR>
 for an individual and $4 a week for the entire family with <BR>
 no limit to the number of children. <BR>
Would you like our office to furnish you with the details? <BR>
 Call Toll-Free <BR>
 1-800-422-9582 <BR>
 Refer to K1000 To Receive This Offer. <BR>
 *If your state is listed below then we currently do not <BR>
 service your area. <BR>
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 Marketing Service Co. <BR>
 Customer Service Department <BR>
 1-512-448-5635 <BR>
 ************************************************* <BR>
 *Not available for <BR>
 Alaska <BR>
 Washington D.C. <BR>
 Hawaii <BR>
 Maine <BR>
 Montana <BR>
 New Hampshire <BR>
 Rhode Island <BR>
 South Dakota <BR>
 Vermont <BR>
 Washington <BR>
 Wyoming <BR>
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