Scientists Cheat!

John Hewitt john.hewitt1 at
Thu Sep 23 16:35:38 EST 1999

This posting offers cell biologists an introduction, an invitation and a

An introduction -
to my internet site "A Habit of
Lies - How Scientists Cheat."  This site is about an influential field in
cell biology, particularly with respect to studies of cell motility.  I
believe the practices described are scientific cheating committed by
well-known scientists working in major institutes.  It is asserted that
these workers have propagandised demonstrably false ideas as if they were
true; so successful has their cheating been that these false ideas have
become widely believed and now are even taught to new generations of

Only this site, not in the scientific literature, offers a balanced
eview  - broaden your vision and take a look at it.

An invitation -
to interested figures.  Many scientists seem to find the behaviour described
on this site acceptable but I am not satisfied - I would like to see
explanation not closed debate.  My invitation is to anyone prepared to argue
a rational case - come on - argue the case these workers are not willing to
put.  Is it not true that alternative ideas have not been suppressed?  Is
it, perhaps, desirable that alternative ideas should be suppressed?  Can
anyone sensibly assert that this behaviour is anything other than cheating?

I do not believe you can make that case but I would like to see you try!

A challenge -
to workers with an interest cell motility and related areas, especially
those who claim to be experts.  Respond to the arguments presented on this
site.  Show just how it can be rationally argued that these alternative
ideas are wrong?

I do not believe you can make that case but I would like to see you try!

I am certainly looking forward to seeing replies and I hope many onlookers
will also.

John Hewitt

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