Erythroleukemia cells

Richard Schuman rfschuman at
Mon Sep 27 19:15:56 EST 1999


I have not worked with K562 in years, but I recall that all-trans retinoic
acid was a good differentiating agent (sorry, I cannot remember the
concentration) and that DMSO did not work well.  I have recently worked with
similar cells and find that 0.75% dimethylformamide is great, with
differentiation in 3-5 days.  Hope this helps.

Rick Schuman

Luba wrote:

> Hi!
>     I have problems with the differentiation of erythroleukemia cells in
> culture. I have tried to stimulate mouse Friend cells with DMSO and
> human K-562 cells with hemin and butyrate detecting the results with
> benzidine assay and Northern hybridization with a beta-globin gene probe
> but nothing has really worked. It is possible that the cell lines I have
> used have impaired capacity to differentiate. If somebody works with
> cells with a proved capacity for differentiation please let me know if
> he or she could kindly give me a flask of these cells. If this is
> possible please let me know and we could discuss the details later.
>     Thank you very much in advance.
> Lubomira Chakalova
> Institute of Molecular Biology
> Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
> Acad. G. Bonchev Street, Bldg. 21
> 1113 Sofia
> Bulgaria

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