Postdoctoral positions in leukocyte adhesion molecules

William Guilford whg2n at
Tue Sep 28 16:25:29 EST 1999

Two postdoctoral (research associate) positions are immediately
available in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the
University of Virginia to study the mechanics of leukocyte adhesion

The first position studies cytokine regulation of leukocyte integrin
function and adhesion strength, biophysics of selectin binding, and
targeted intravascular drug delivery using shear flow assays. This
research is to be done in the laboratory of Dr. Michael Lawrence.

The second position studies the kinetics and mechanics of
selectin-ligand interactions. Individual selectin-ligand bonds will be
probed using the laser trap transducer to make mechanical measurements
on single molecules.  This research is to be done in the laboratory of
Dr. William H. Guilford.

See the following link for details and application instructions:


Michael Lawrence or William Guilford
Department of Biomedical Engineering
HSC Box 377
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, Virginia 22908

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