Passage Number

P.M. Newton BMBPMN at
Mon Apr 3 08:37:28 EST 2000

I have an old question, but one which no-one has ever satisfactorily answered.

What is Passage number?

or perhaps more specifically

Does passage number actually mean anything?

I am well aware of what a passage is, but i've never understood why it is so 
significant: If your cells are confluent (and thus ready to passage) at 16000 
cell per cm sq, and  you seed Flask A at 8000 cells per cm sq and Flask B at 
1000 cells per cm sq, then by the time you passage them the cells in Flask B 
will have gone thru 4 population doublings and those in Flask A only 1, 
despite them both advancing only one passage number.

Surely population doubling is more important, and passage number 
irrelevant without density info?

I appreciate that i probably need to get out a bit more.

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