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>Also, researchers in genomics are most likely not morons, but some do
>apparently have quite a chip on their shoulders.

I'm not a researcher in genomics.  I make a point of reading a few review
articles and skim abstracts in the field, as I do with dozens of fields
I'm not directly involved in.  Mainly I know enough about it to appreciate
how little I know.

What I do know about it is that it would be incredibly arrogant of me to
sit on my fat ass in an armchair and, without bothering to consult the
scientific literature, throw out ideas in a condescending tone, taking it
for granted that I could come up with something that thousands of
dedicated scientists over twenty years haven't considered already.  Like
going to sci.math and saying, "When Andrew Wiles was proving Fermat's last
theorum, he should make sure he remembered to carry the two!  Just a

I'm humble enough to know that anything I could contribute to the field
would almost certainly be useless, or at best redundant.  I'm courteous
enough to treat the ideas people put forward as real science, and to
debunk them, instead of giving warm fuzzy hugs and marks for effort. As a
result, I'm being attacked as being arrogant.   

This used to be a science newsgroup.  When I killfile this thread maybe
it'll start looking like one again.

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