effect of HGF on hepatocyte proliferation

Robert Hartley rh at mblab.gla.ac.uk
Tue Dec 19 12:27:54 EST 2000

Hello all.

I'm working on MDCK and HGF (no surprise there) and there is lots of
litrature on various cell types pre-muscle cells, MDCK, neurons etc and
the effect of HGF in culture. However for the life of me I cant find any
info on the effect of HGF on hepatocyte proliferation in culture.

There is the obvious 2 rat experiment in-vivo where one had a liver
disection and the pooled veinous system alowed regeneration in one and
liver doubling in the other but no info on HGF+ and HGF- on cells in a

Does anyone have any ideas or a reference.

This is for a colleage that asked me yesterday.

Cheers and a happy Christmas and a good new year.
Bob; Cloudy Scotland.

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