Cell Culture based recombinants product

Samir Sangitrao samir at intaspharma.com
Wed Dec 20 06:26:04 EST 2000

Hi there 
I am preparing a list for Cell culture based recombinant product those are
approved for marketing. 
I have included in my list the following recombinant proteins till date,
They are as follows
EPO, TPA, Factor VIIa, FactorVIII, Factor IX, Thyrotropin alpha, Dornase
alpha, TNFR-IgG, Interferon beta 1 a, HGH, FSH. 
I do not want to combine monoclonal antibodies in this list. I am preparing
a separate list for monoclonal antibodies.
SO please let me know if I have missed any other proteins. 
In my list I have tabulated the information under different sections as
listed below
*	Recombinant protein
*	Indication
*	Cell line used
*	Manufactruing companies
*	Brand name
*	World market
*	Patent Status

Please do inform me if I have missed any recombinant protein. 
I will add the information provided.
If any body interested to get the above said information please mail me 
samir at intaspharma.com

Thanking you in advance

Samir Sangitrao 


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