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JMark jmark at
Thu Feb 3 19:53:21 EST 2000

We would like to extend a formal invitation to you
to visit  an exciting new online resource
designed to allow Physicians, and other’s in the
Health Care field, to quickly and easily access the
vast amount of valuable information that is available
on the World Wide Web.

The main body of  is an attractive graphical
interface that was created with an emphasis on ease of
use and speed. No more wasted time spent tapping
your finger tips on the desk top, whistling the theme
from M*A*S*H while some generic search engine
returns 468,349,312 hits on your simple “medical
supplies” inquiry.  gives you the option of
either clicking on one of the many indexed headings
and drilling down to one of the related sub-directories
or....  you may choose to utilize the powerful
search engine by simply entering your search term
into the dialog box. Either way that you choose the
result will be a relatively small number of quality, industry
specific hits that will give you the information that you
need quickly and painlessly.  also features a searchable database of suppliers
to the medical field. Just enter the name or the type of
product that you’re searching for and  will
provide you with a list of sources complete with hypertext
links when available.

If you have used equipment, or just about anything else, that
you would like to sell, or if your in the mood to buy, then
you’ll want to visit the  “Marketplace”  If it’s
related to Health Care you’re invited to list it in the Marketplace.
Don’t forget to check back often as you never know what
you might find listed for sale.

Again we invite you to visit  and discover for
yourself just exactly what we have done for you.  We think
you’ll find that: will save you time will save you money
and best of is fat free.
( and we couldn’t say that if it weren’t true )

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