CO2 incubators

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Fri Feb 4 14:43:23 EST 2000

I have been working with CO2 incubators for more than 20 years. I have
experience with Hotpack, Heraeus, Labline, Revco, Forma. The last year I
have been using the RS Biotech GALAXY R. This unit is impressing with its
compact design, low contamination risk (no fan) and great LCD display, that
even shows you a graph of what has been the conditions inside for temp and
CO2 for the last 72 hours, including no. and duration od door-openings.

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Jean-Marc Gallo skrev i meldingen <38949536.6293 at>...
>-- I am in the process of buying eight CO2 incubators for a new culture
>room. Among others, I am looking at Revco and Nuaire incubators. I have
>no experience of these brands and I would appreciate opinions from
>users, especially on Revco incubators.
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