Synergy model

B. necrotic at
Fri Feb 18 10:51:18 EST 2000


I was wondering if anyone has a model to prove an In Vitro synergistic
effect of two compunds.

I am currently adapting my single compund In Vitro screening protocol but
before I really get into crunching numbers I thought I'd see if anyone
could offer some help.

My current protocol involes a half log dilution scheme (96-well plate) and
72 hour incubation period, afterwhich I use MTS to determine cell
viability.  From here a molar IC50 is extrapolated from the graph of
concentration vs. %control.

The model I am developing would have 4 drug groups, Drug A, Drug B, Drug A
then B, Drug B then A, as well as live and dead controls.  My problem
arises when looking for a statistically significant effect, what formula
should be used??

Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Brendan Smith
necrotic at

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