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I am not sure if this helps, but we have studied the synergistic effects of
cytokines on cell lines, and we considered "any" effect "greater than
additive" (that is, greater than the quantitative sum of the effects of
saturating concentrations of the single cytokines) to be "synergistic.  The
important point here is, "saturating" conditions for the single cytokines.

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> Hello
> I was wondering if anyone has a model to prove an In Vitro synergistic
> effect of two compunds.
> I am currently adapting my single compund In Vitro screening protocol but
> before I really get into crunching numbers I thought I'd see if anyone
> could offer some help.
> My current protocol involes a half log dilution scheme (96-well plate) and
> 72 hour incubation period, afterwhich I use MTS to determine cell
> viability.  From here a molar IC50 is extrapolated from the graph of
> concentration vs. %control.
> The model I am developing would have 4 drug groups, Drug A, Drug B, Drug A
> then B, Drug B then A, as well as live and dead controls.  My problem
> arises when looking for a statistically significant effect, what formula
> should be used??
> Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you
> Brendan Smith
> necrotic at

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