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Sun Jan 2 03:01:56 EST 2000

Jim wrote in message <=1puOLMjiNrjlwmJl8teCw42FLxc at 4ax.com>...
>Please pardon the crosspost. I need at least 50 responses to this, and
>unfortunatley, none of these groups boasts a huge readership. I
>suggest the you limit followups to the group you are reading, or
>follow up by e-mail.
>I am taking Molecular Biology in a Math & Science Magnet High School.
>We have a project to develop a survey on people's attitudes toward
>genetic engineering. I have to tally the results from at least 50
>people, and the report is due January 7, 2000. I'd very much
>appreciate your input. You may follow up to the one group you are
>reading, or respond via e-mail. In any case, I will publish the
>results here as a statistical rollup only. No names or e-mail
>addresses will be included in the results.
>Thanks for your attention to this request. The survey follows:
>1. Age?
><a> 0-18  <b> 19-29  <c> 30-39 <d> 40-54 <e> 55-66 <f> 66 and up


>2. Gender?
><a> male <b> female


>3. Religious Preference?
><a> Christianity <b> Judaism <c> Islam <d> Buddhist/Hindu


>4. Do you know of genetic engineering?


>5. Do you approve of the patenting of DNA? (The patenting of DNA is
>where one's genetic map can actually be copyrighted.)

Not of individuals but of unique organisims (If you created it why not If
you discovered it occuring naturaly then no)

>6. Do you believe that biotechnology should continue to be explored by

it would be stupid to stop now just when its getting interisting

>7. Do you believe that the science of biotechnology is "playing god?"

Yes but whats wrong with playing god?

>8. Do you believe that scientists should cure congenital diseases

Yes Its a tool to be used like any other tool

>9. Do you believe that parents should be able to change
>characteristics of their child genetically?

Yes if they have the courage to do it and the fortitude to accecpt the
posibality of a mistake

>10. Do you believe that it is justified for parents to "remedy" a
>mentally retarded child before it's born genetically?

Yes by any means possable

>11. Do you believe that it is justified for parents to "remedy" a
>mentally retarded child after it's born genetically?

see reply to 10

>12. Do you believe that parents should be able to improve their
>child's intelligence genetically?

see reply to 9

>13. Do you buy and eat food from the grocery store?


>14. Have you eaten biotech foods?


>15. If you have answered yes to the previous question, do you approve
>of biotech foods?

yes i do again biotech is a tool to be used like anyother

>That's it. Thanks,

No problem and I hope you find my input worthwhile.

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