mitochindrion and chloroplast

David Lloyd-Jones icomm5 at
Mon Jan 3 23:34:05 EST 2000

There's a green coral off Australia which has allied itself with internal
chloroplasts. I dunno whether a coral or a coral cell is an animal or not to
your satisfaction.

No, there are no green rabbits or deer. Nor any photosynthetic green frogs
or mantises that I know of. :-)


"qiangf" <qiangf at> wrote in message
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> Most of the literature I have read implies that mitochindria and
> chloroplasts are evolved from endosymbiotic bacteria. Photosynthetic
> plant cells contain both chloroplasts and mitochondria in their
> cytoplasm.I want to know:
>  a:  Is  there any animal cells which have mitochondria and chloroplasts
> in their
>       cytoplasm (not plant cells).
>  b:  If have, which animal cells.
>  c:  If have not, why?
> ---

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