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>On 5 Jan 2000 20:35:09 -0000, jaymone at (Jay and Nancy
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>>Pleqase, someone, anyone, this newsgroup is in need of moderation.  The 
>>spam is getting so bad that I'm about to give up on this newsgroup 
>>altogether.  Any suggestions on how to approach this problem?
>I agree with you, however it is a topic that's been brought up before
>with no satisfactory conclusion (see below)

You need to contact the bionet administrator (if necessary I could
probably dig up an old email address, but no guarantees on its current
applicability).  You also need, of course, some who will moderate the
group.  Or better yet, more than one person.  Consider that the
moderator(s) will need to examine each post and decide on a case-by-case
basis whether to allow it; not just this week, or this month, but this
year, next year, and the year after.  And should have the same address, or
not change it too often, to reduce confusion. Probably no students or
post-docs, because they tend to be relatively transient.

It's doable, but it isn't completely trivial.

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