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Thu Jan 6 02:09:32 EST 2000

On 6 Jan 2000 00:34:00 GMT, iayork at (Ian A. York) wrote:

>>I agree with you, however it is a topic that's been brought up before
>>with no satisfactory conclusion (see below)
>You need to contact the bionet administrator (if necessary I could
>probably dig up an old email address, but no guarantees on its current
>applicability).  You also need, of course, some who will moderate the
>group.  Or better yet, more than one person.  Consider that the
>moderator(s) will need to examine each post and decide on a case-by-case
>basis whether to allow it; not just this week, or this month, but this
>year, next year, and the year after.  And should have the same address, or
>not change it too often, to reduce confusion. Probably no students or
>post-docs, because they tend to be relatively transient.
>It's doable, but it isn't completely trivial.
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>     very respectable Man." -Jane Austen, The History of England

Thanks for your input Ian. I think I remember you making a similar
response the last time this came up actually. And the problem seems to
be finding someone willing to moderate the group. I know I'll be here
in six months, but next year? The year after??

Anyone interested in the job?


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