Anti-biotics and virus infections

David Lloyd-Jones icomm5 at
Fri Jan 7 03:39:13 EST 2000

"Modem" <Modem at> wrote

> A_>Something I never though of before, why is the influenza virus treated
> A_>anti-biotics? Is this because bacteria feed off the waste products
> A_>by virii or what? Just curious.> A_>
Alexander Baron,
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> The reason I have heard is that it suppresses any bacteria present and
> allows the body's imune system to work full time fighting the virus.
> They put (or used-to) large amoounts of antibiotics is animal feed for
> similar reasons.

This reply is plausible in an idiot kinda way, but empirically has not a jot
nor a tittle of truth to it. The discussion has been carried on more
thoroughly in in the last couple of weeks.

Alternatively, you could read a book.


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