What you need to do about moderation

Alan Bleasby ableasby at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Fri Jan 7 06:31:37 EST 2000

Unfortunately we are prevented from allowing people to share
usernames although it is IMHO a good idea in this instance.

Now we are responsible for BIONET operations we are looking
at implementing web-based moderation pages where multiple
moderators could share the same password. Although moderation
is easy to do anyway this would make it more simple as, not
only could load be shared, the process would just involve a click
to accept a message.

We can't give a definite timescale for this but hope it could
be implemented reasonably quickly. In the interim a traditional
moderator would be required. We would be happy for the moderator
to have an account on our system. [there are possibilities with
doing so that the person holding that account could change the
.forward file on a rotation basis. We would need to know the email
addresses of all the people allowed to approve messages though]

Alan Bleasby

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