What you need to do about moderation

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Thu Jan 13 01:03:29 EST 2000

Snerfle <snerfle at aol.com> wrote in message
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> I'm fairly new to newsgroups and don't quite understand what your talk
> regarding a monderator means,  Could you please explain to me what this
> monerator function would be.  And how would have a moderated group make
> group any better,'

Something's a little funky with my newsreader as your post just appeared on
my screen yet is dated 1/8...odd.

If I'm way behind in the thread I apologize.  If not, a newsgroup that is
moderated simply means that one or a few people screen each message before
it is posted to see if it is appropriate for the group.  In terms of the
past month or so of cell biology posts you would have seen everything except
for the various ads for enlarging body parts, making tens of thousands of
dollars, and the occasional ethnic or teen vixen.

The benefits of moderation are an elimination of spam thus making for an
easier read and, perhaps, a more enjoyable experience.  The negatives are,
of course, the issues of "censorship" in the broad sense of the word.  Given
that most newsgroups have a charter or FAQ that spells out what is and isn't
appropriate for the group this is not always a major issue.  However, I
would add that one non-science newsgroup I belong to, despite a month or two
of a rather disturbing altercation between a handful of members, rejected
the idea of moderation for fear of big brother.

Steve Dahl

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