keratinocyte cell culture

Pablo Beltran pbeltran at
Sat Jan 15 19:01:11 EST 2000

>I am interested in generating primary keratinocyte cell cultures and
>would appreciate any advice, references, protocols, and sources of
>Cindy Gustafson-Brown
Hi Cindy!

You can find a protocol for keratinocyte isolation from human
foreskins (NHK,Normal Human Keratinocytes) in 'Gibson David, J Invest.
Dermatol 106:154-161, 1996'.  A review paper I would recommend about
Keratinocyte differentiation and gene regulation is from 'Eckert
Richard, Physiological Reviews 77(2): 1997'.

As you may be already know NHK cultures won't last more then 3 to 4

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