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Sat Jan 22 03:57:59 EST 2000

yinxin escribió:
> Hi all there,
> I am trying to isolate and culture myoblast from the neonatal mouse
> limb. i have tried several times. seems there often were lot of
> firoblast. do anyone have any protocol for isolation, culture and
> differeniation of myoblast? Thank you.


I used to culture myoblasts from chicken embryos, fibroblasts were a
random problem, sometimes there were more of them sometimes less.  What
we used to do was to wait 2-3 days, till the myotubes start to form, and
then add BrdU to the media to avoid the fibroblasts to proliferate.  We
also noticed that myoblasts/myotubes were happier with a limited amount
of fibroblasts keeping them company.  I never transfected those
cultures, so I am not sure if this helps.

Good luck

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