The term "Waldestron"

Paul U Cameron p.cameron at
Sun Jan 23 14:51:22 EST 2000

jayhorn72 wrote:
> I have been examined for malignent cancer at the M.D.
> Anderson Hospital in Houston.  After an exhausting series
> of tests I was lined up to have another biopsy performed on
> two suspious lynph nodes in my lower neck and upper chest.
> The original lymph node was removed from my upper right
> eyelid and was declared malignent.  Upon receipt of the
> last of my blood tests, I was told that I did not have
> cancer and did not require further treatment.  Instead I
> was told that I had "Waldestron" disease which was an
> elavated reading of certain cells responsible for warding
> off infections.  I have trying to find something
> on "Waldestron" disease, but to no avail.  Can anyone help
> me understand this diagnosis?  I may not have the correct
> spelling, my doctor is foreign and hard to understand.
> Many thanks in advance,  Jayhorn72
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I dont have a medical text with me here but as far as I can recall the
condition you should look up is "Waldenstroms Macroglobulinaemia" which
is a condition in which there are high levels of immunoglobulin or
antibody in the blood.  Presumable they were looking for, but did not
find a cancer of the cells that produce antibody. 

Good luck. 

Paul U Cameron

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