request for NO assay protocol

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Tue Jan 25 13:48:46 EST 2000

Remember that the Greiss reaction DOES NOT MEASURE NO, only nitrate and 
nitrite, which can be made from a variety of sources including NO.

WPI sells NO electrode tips for their ISO-NO system that apparently go down 
to the low nM range but they're very fragile and of course can only measure 
NO released from cells.   You could also try using a hemoglobin to 
methemoglobin assay system (the "Methods in Nitric Oxide reasearch" book 
should have a protocol), again remembering that this will only measure NO 
that is released from the cells.

What cell type are you using?  Are they stimulated with anything (LPS, 
ifn-gamma) to turn on iNOS or are you relying on basal levels?   If it's 
human tissue homogenates, make sure there's no hemoglobin contamination, as 
that will soak up NO pretty effectively.


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