What does HeLa stand for?

Steve Scadding scadding at uoguelph.ca
Wed Jan 26 17:09:53 EST 2000

Teck wrote:
> Can anyone tell me what does HeLa stands for? 
> I know H or human and e for epithelial, then what do L and a stand for?
> Teck

HeLa cells made the "cool fact of the day" list a couple of days ago on
January 24, 2000.

The following quote is from that posting.
"The first time scientists were able to grow human cells in a long-term
tissue culture (an artificial medium designed to nourish the cells) was
in 1951. Those cells were taken from a tumor in a woman named Henrietta
Lacks.  ...."   The page includes a number of links with further
information about HeLa cells.

Todays "cool fact" is available at:

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