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Build additional income from Private Offshore Club
$500 a week to $5000 or more, 
And/Or avail yourself of the programs 
The bankers build wealth with.

We are a private worldwide, Offshore Investment and Wealth Building club! 
You can now work, invest and bank from home with this program. 

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Find out what the wealthy have always known about protecting their assets and 
putting their money to work in a tax-free offshore haven! 
With our club you will receive; 
Wealth Creation Strategies: Investment strategies and money making 
opportunities that use the global economy to pay high yield returns on your 
hard earned dollars 
Wealth Protection: You deserve to keep your hard earned assets that you have 
accumulated in your life's work. Learn how to protect your assets against 
liens and be judgment proof against ANY party seeking to take your assets from 
Wealth Preservation: Keeping your Offshore investment dollars offshore in a 
safe Tax haven for Privacy, Protection, and additional Profits. 
The reason you want to be a part of our invest club is that the company 
performs the due diligence and insures the club members that the investments 
are REAL!!! 
In addition to receiving a wealth of investment information you will receive 
a self-replicating web site with pin number and password protection into the 
"Back Room"  for investments, some of which are only available to our members, 
(your investment pays for this specialized research which you would normally 
pay thousands of dollars for), a private offshore bank account along with a 
Gold Visa Debit Card that can be used worldwide at ATM machines or where Visa 
is accepted. 
For more information about this Private Club and to find out how to increase 
your income substantially simple by referring others visit our web site,

or call our toll free number
There is a $1495 investment required, serious inquires only!

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