Phase contrast microscopy of living cells

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>> > Hello all.
>> >
>> > I have a colleague who wishes to analyse living cells
through an opaque
>> > material.
>> > He is looking for something to enhace visualisation of the
live cells
>> > while vidoeing.
>> >
>> I have no idea if this will work for animal cells, however, I
used to
>> stain plant cells with neutral red to observe plasmolysis.
>> continued for hours.  It greatly improves contrast without
kill the
>> cells quickly.  Of course nomarki optics is another option if
one is
>> available.
>> Another new fangled way to visualize living cells that is
quite the rage
>> is to use gfp labelled cells and fluorescence optics.
>Ahh come to think of it we have a few microscopes that might be
able to do this.
>An IRM M17, confocal, polarising, and half a dozen others.
>I should really have got more details of him.

A lot of cell motility people seem to use DIC imaging for video

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