Very Old Conjugation Kit - might it work?

Modem Modem at
Thu Jun 15 00:01:46 EST 2000

DI>It's probably worth more in its original packaging unopened - a la
DI>"Antiques Roadshow."

Offer it for sale on E-bay.

DI>Judy Dilworth, M.T. (ASCP)

DI>jane allen wrote:

DI>> Cleaning out the micro workroom this summer and found an unopened  20
DI>> year old kit for bacterial conjugation.  As some of you might
DI>> understand, I don't have the heart to just throw the kit away.  I would
DI>> like to hear some opinions on whether or not this will still work.
DI>> Let me know what you think...I'll probably try it anyway...but I would
DI>> like some opinions.
DI>> Thanks
DI>> Jane Allen

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