Low Carbs WORK! Lose Weight FAST!

udei at loseit.com udei at loseit.com
Sun Jun 18 07:59:12 EST 2000

Have you been hearing about ALL of the benefits (including DRAMATIC weight loss) of a low/restricted carbohydrate diet?

Would you like to try this latest new "dieting" rage out, but don't have time to sit down, read the books, and actually put down on paper a DETAILED MENU?  Or, would you like to drop some SERIOUS weight before the HOT SUMMER days get here?

If so, this e-mail was MEANT FOR YOU! 

(If not, PLEASE just delete me now! I'm only going to email my menu ad out once, so you don't even need to bother doing the remove thing. Thanks in advance!)

I have put together a SIMPLE & EASY to use Low Carb MENU based on the teachings of the popular book "Protein Power" by the good Drs. Michael & Mary Eades'. Using this one of a kind 14 DAY MENU, I LOST 23 POUNDS in just SIX weeks, and have kept it off AND have maintained my ideal body COMPOSITION since Aug, 1999! 

Not only did eating less carbohydrates make my body use up my stored fats, my energy level SOARED after only 2 weeks! One of the best things is that my cholesterol actually DROPPED while not giving up MEAT!

For ONLY $5.00 USD, I will RUSH to you my very own, 14 DAY "restricted carb" MENU! 

You need only read the benefits experienced by others on this regimen (listed below) to gauge what you can personally expect from this plan. Also, the length of time these books have remained on the Best Sellers List attest to the fact that this APPROACH to eating (it's not a diet) is credible. It's NOT a fad, but a great approach to eating!

For ONLY FIVE BUCKS you will be ARMED with a written "PLAN of ACTION" designed to SIMPLY help you guide your food intake, NOT RESTRICT IT!

Being a lover of FOOD (everything!), you simply will NOT go hungry on my menu! You cannot fail eating like I do!
Of course, exercise is always encouraged, however it wasn't part of my daily activity...

To get your own, '14 DAY LOW CARB MENU, Six weeks to a BRAND NEW YOU!'

Just mail me $5.00 USD (cash, check or money order) to:
J. Freimuth
P.O. BOX 9434
Ft Wayne, IN 46899

Be sure to include your email address for an IMMEDIATE response! 

If you would just commit to 6 weeks, you'll be so GLAD you did! Losing them unwanted pounds and flab CAN and WILL change your life, just like it has for me! 

Make this menu YOUR OWN PERSONAL PLAN of ACTION for:
Dramatic and permanent weight loss.
Resetting your metabolism and boosting your energy levels.
Lowering the "bad" cholesterol levels while elevating the good.
Eating foods you love, including meats, cheeses, and eggs.


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