Mycoplasma Test Kit

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Fri Jun 23 11:21:49 EST 2000

Thanks for the info.  Just yesterday someone mentioned the BMC kit.  They
must not have it on the net because none of my searches brought up their

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> Roche has an ELISA based kit for Mycoplasma.  I don't remember the catalog
> number - used to be Boehringer-Mannheim.  It's quite easy to run and
> accurate.
> There are also some PCR based kits as well.
> If you go do and search for mycoplasma kits, you will
> turn up several sources.
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> > I am looking for a rapid test kit for testing cell lines for Mycoplasma
> > contamination.  I have seen the PCR-based ones and it looks like there
> > three of those.  I have also seen Mycotrin (?) which is a culture medium
> > and, of course, there is the Herscht staining method.  Is there no EIA
> > w/o PCR?  Just wondering.
> > Joe
> >
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