cell growth

taro taro at pitt.edu
Tue Jun 27 22:07:14 EST 2000

Well I am now counting cell which is made from head and neck tumor (squamous
cell carcinoma). I usually trypsinize them (because it is adherent cell) and
mix with PBS then count cell number per ml using hemocytometer. then seed
them at certain cell number like 1*10 to 4. every tow days, I count cells in
a same manner. I use falcon 26 well plate to make a 3 sets of cells to count
them on the same day, however I get sometimes different cell number from the
same set. maybe this is because cell gets clumped? Is this inevitable?
"rogier" <stugerNOstSPAM at cellbiology.uni-frankfurt.de.invalid> wrote in
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> what type of cells do you grow?
> how do you grow em?
> how do you count em?
> maybe we can help you if you tell us what you're doing.
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