converting weight of amino acids to dalton

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> does anybody know how to convert certain length of amino acids to dalton
> like 770 aminoacids is equal to ? dalton in weight.

It depends on the specific AA content EG Gly cf L. Certain proteins like
collagen have conserved multiple small repeats that will muck up your

You could look in an undergradiate textbook for the Averaage amino acid
weight. or do a rough estimate by 
AA No X 0.11 =Kd
Ie Calmodulin
148AA x 0.11 = 16.68 kD OK its about 17.5-18kD (from memory) but you get
the idea. :-))

Thinks!!! lets look in basic textbook.
Having just spent 1 minute looking in MCB Loddish et al. :-)
Average AA molecular weight is 115 IE 0.115kD

Easy as that

Bob, Sunny Scotland.

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