Fetal calf serum

Benno ter Kuile b.terkuile at chem.leidenuniv.nl
Thu Mar 9 05:56:39 EST 2000

> Hi everybody,
> This is really a curiosity more than technical problem. What's the
> reason for using fetal calf serum to make cell cultures??. Why not, for
> example, newborn calf is usually cheaper?. All the companies I called
> said that such serum came from animals less than 10-12 days old, so if
> the animal is healthy what's the reason for not using that thing?

	The reason is that only fetal calf serum is free of antibodies. The 
moment the calf has been fed antibodies enter the bloodstream. 
Therefore even serum from few days old calfs is no good for cell 

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