Freezing cells in liquid nitrogen

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Hello Donald
I haven't tried this but if you are stuck for a comercial fix:-

I have been told that putting 2ml cryo tubes on half a dozen Stratagene
waterbath boats does the trick. But don't trust me on this. Check first.

If so then the rep will have some as freebies.

Alternatively you could use a similar container and; guessing now;- stick
some camping mat in the container to act as an insulator. IE build one
that resembles the bought one and give it a try. 

Bob (who built a -70 desktop freezer for 6pounds) :-)

> I'm looking for a container for freezing cells for cryopreservation. To
> lower the temperature of the cells in DMSO gradually, I had used a small
> white container from some type of insulating material in the wall in a
> former lab. It was made by Nihon (spelling?). I have since moved to a
> different lab and lost the info on the manufacturer and distributor. I
> know Nalgene makes a container for the same purpose but it has to fill up
> with isopropanol before use. I prefer one where it's always ready to use
> without having me to fill it up with solutions. Does anyone have any leads
> on this? Thanks!
> Donald Wong, Ph.D.
> Pathology, The University of British Columbia
> Vancouver, B.C., Canada

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